About Us

About Us

Welcome to Go Minimal.

The riason d’etre for this site to share information and review minimalist, zero drop shoes, trail running, helpful and minimalist gear. We are into whole food, sugar free nutrition to fuel our adventures. We also believe in the power of getting out into nature and connecting with the land (and sea) around you.

We are based in beautiful Nelson, at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. It is one of New Zealand best adventure playgrounds with the Nelson Lakes national Park, Able Tasman National park, Kahurangi national park, Richmond ranges and Mt Arthur ranges all close to our doorstep. We’ll be sharing some of our adventures into these places, reviewing trails and posting photos.

Being based in a regional centre and at the bottom of the world we don’t always have access to high quality gear in shops to “try before we buy” so we’ll try and share our experiences with trail running gear to help you make better purchase decisions.

About the People


Brendyn Montgomery is a 30 something webdesigner, runner and musician. Brendyn is massively keen on trail running, preferring the birdsong, the crunch of gravel underfoot and the smells of the Native Beach forest to urban based running. He is also a musician, a flute player keen on traditional Irish music.

Jan Blythe Waka Ama Paddler 67

Jan Blythe also contributes to this site. Jan is a major Waka Ama enthusiast and learnt to run at the age of 65. Having completed one half marathon she never wants to run again! “I’ll stick to waka ama!” she says. Jan is keen to remain active over 70. She is committed to trying new things to get her out of her comfort zone and keep her off the couch.

You. We want this site to help you get motivated, find the right gear and get out there. We welcome your comments, ideas and gear recommendations. Leave a comment on a review or get in touch with us.