Magic days on the water in Nelson


We have an active group of oneman paddlers in Nelson, paddling both V1 and OC1. We often meet Saturdays at the beach. Sometimes Tony or Jan have their GoPros out…

Paddling from Tahunanui Beach

Linda tries out her new Va’a Factory V1

Yesterday was an eventful day as there was a new Va’a Factory waka to welcome into the ‘fleet’ of one-man waka that paddle out from Tahunanui Beach on a Saturday morning. It was a magic day – and what a perfect day for a christening paddle for Linda’s new Va’a Factory V1!

Thank you Tony for videoing and editing this amazing snapshot of what paddling in Nelson can be like.

Two V1 waka (Linda in blue Va’a Factory & Jan in the red Fai) and 4 Ares OC1 (Zoe in the turquoise, Tony in the Orange, Sean in the pink and Pete in his Rasta Machine).

Nelson Haven Portage

ANZAC Day 2019

We paddled from the marina to the Shag Tree then portaged over the Boulder bank (well one of us was fortunate to have a very gallant gentleman carry her waka over) and paddled back down the Boulder Bank to the cut and back to the marina. There was a lot of swopping waka and paddles as people got to try out different things.

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