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Its amazing what happens when you suddenly have very little control over the food that is set in front of you. It makes you think. At Outward Bound all the food is supplied. Its good wholesome food, but not at all what I am used to.

To eat or not to eat, that was the question

I was used to a relatively high protein, relatively low carb diet with a lot of salads and vegetables and no sugar. The hardest meal for me was breakfast. I most often have one or two eggs. I had the choice of cereal, toast, porridge, baked beans or spaghetti. I ended up going for the baked beans as I thought was highest in protein (probably in sugar as well).

Snacks were also a challenge until I discovered they did amazing date-based bliss balls if one asked for them.

I started talking to some of my fellow watch mates and realised that not many people know that there are options out there for healthy, sugar free, high protein snacks and endurance foods. There are some really good alternatives to the sugar filled rehydration drinks and snacks.

Brendyn is right into all of this and I have tried his bean bars, they are amazing.

Chia – natural & nutrient rich drinks

chia-sports-recovery-drinkWe are very lucky to be in Nelson, the home of Chia drink, a great sports endurance and recovery drink. I use it for a recovery drink (along with coconut water) after a 20km waka race. I even pour it on yoghurt for the grandchildren. They love it.

CHIA began as a healthy ‘real food’ endurance sports drink, based on the foods of the greatest long distance runners; the Tarahumara Indians. We soon realised everyone can benefit from CHIA.

They added anti-oxidant rich blueberries; New Zealand blackcurrants; and a tropical flavour with orange and passionfruit, all combined with New Zealand apples, to create three delicious flavours. They are growing the business and now the drink is available around New Zealand. Check them out at

The No Meat Athlete website

This website is a great source of information not only for vegetarians and vegan athletes but also sugar free athletes as well. They have all sorts of recipes and advice for runners.

Bean bar – a high protein, sugar-free snack

Its base is black beans, dates, banana, oats and spices. Brendyn uses Bean Bars for his long distance running. They freeze well so he just takes out what he needs for a run.

The kids love it as well.

See the recipe.

Electrolytes without sugar

Elete sports electrolyte solution, sugar freeWe use Elete Electrolyte solution made by BioTrace Limited ( You only need a few drops in your hydration pack or drink bottle (2.5mls/litre of water. It has no sugars, no flavouring , nothing artificial and comes in a 240ml bottle so lasts quite a while. It also has the benefit of no sugars or ‘funny stuff’ in your hydration pack to ferment. We can get this from our local herbal dispensary.

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