We are into Minimalist, Zero Drop shoes & light weight gear for getting out Trail Running and living life. We energise ourselves with whole food fuels and fuel our souls by getting into the wilds.


Magic days on the water in Nelson

We have an active group of oneman paddlers in Nelson, paddling both V1 and OC1. We often meet ...
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Viper Waka Paddle and Viper Kiato for V1 waka

Buying Waka Paddles (Outrigger or Va’a Paddles)

Waka Paddles are A very personal choice Getting the right paddle for you can be a bit of ...
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Jan paddling her Fai Va'a V1 Rudderless wak at the National Waka Ama Sprints 2019

Buying a V1 Va’a (rudderless outrigger canoe) for Grannies

From OC1 to V1 I bought the OC1 nearly 3 years ago and it's made such a difference ...
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Turns race at Waka Ama Sprint Nationals

Competing at World Sprints, Tahiti, 2018

I find it really easy to offer help, support and awhi to others. And yet it is always ...
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Jan, first time in V1 rudderless waka

Saying YES opens up my world

At 67 saying "Yes" is really important and I've been saying "YES" a lot more lately. I am ...
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Jan boxing to get fit for waka ama sprints

Off Water Training – Waka Ama Sprints for the over 60’s

Getting fit on my own doesn't work for me. I can paddle heaps because I am usually paddling ...
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Long distance waka ama paddling

Hydration & Nutrition Critical for Long Distance Waka Ama Paddling

Increase the distance, increase the nutrition Proper hydration and nutrition are critical if you are going to do ...
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What makes a good crew

Waka ama crews in New Zealand are normally 6 people who come together for social or racing events ...
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Ehukai OC1 outrigger canoe, 1 man waka

Buying an Ehukai OC1 one man waka (outrigger canoe)

Here I am at 66 buying a brand new OC1. Mad or not, it was a great decision. To ...
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Transitioning to minimalist running shoes

People often ask me what the transition to minimalist footwear was like. There are some common concerns/questions that ...
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